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Special Application Cranes

Based on a large experience of nearly 70 years in the tower crane business, Potain designs and manufactures large tower cranes for special applications such as:

The construction of the large dams requires high performance pouring equipment to place both RCC (roller compacted concrete) or conventional concrete in a short time.

Potain developed the largest tower crane ever built, the MD 3600, for the construction of one of the world’s largest stay cable bridges in steel elements in China.

The MD 3200 is being used for the reinforcement of the collapsed nuclear power plant before complete recovering with the new sarcophagi. It travels on a 15 m wide track, and 100 m long. The position 100 m from the nuclear power plant is non radioactive.

The Sports city tower in Doha was constructed for the 15th annual Asian games held in Qatar on December 06 as Doha’s newest tower.The MR 225 for this tower has a lifting capacity of 14 t and was braced by 11 anchorages on this project.

With the support of a strong worldwide sales organization, a highly qualified team takes care of these specific projects and provides full solutions to customers - mainly large construction companies and international building project contractors.

These full solutions embrace the following aspects:

1.Complete technical engineering and studies for all applications

2.General layout of equipment

3.Budget cost evaluation including engineering, fabrication, erection, services

4.Training, maintenance, and service supervision.