“Welcome to Infinity Solutions”

Who We Are

Infinity Solutions is a partnership firm established in 2011 with the aim to provide Sales and Services for the entire range of Potain Tower Cranes to various industries in India. Potain – a company that started its operation in 1928 and which has sold up to 100,000 and 60 different types of crane models across the globe through their multi-national manufacturing footprint – are the industry leader in Tower cranes. With a vast expertise in their domain and their products running relentlessly over these years, Potain is well-known for their simple, rapid & entirely autonomous tower cranes in the world.

Infinity Solutions are the proud authorised distributors of Potain Tower Cranes through Manitowoc, India. Manitowoc is a multi-industry, capital goods manufacturer with nearly 100 manufacturing, distribution, service and/or office facilities in 26 countries. It is recognized as one of the world’s largest providers of lifting equipment for the global construction industry. Being associated with an epitome of Quality, Precision & Robustness, Infinity has inculcated into itself these qualities. We believe that “Services follow the Solution”. Infinity is driven by a solution-driven approach. Systematic approach, Practical thought process & Long-term solutions are at the core of Infinity. This is further supported by prompt and uncompromising service. Right from finding the right crane solution and installation to a gamut of after-sales services including maintenance (repairs & spare parts), Infinity stands by your side.

Core Values:


We transform ideas into practical actions that help us innovate solutions for a better tomorrow.


Our conscience drives our communication and value trust of the people we work with. We are transparent in all our dealings.

Solution - driven approach:

We know that every challenge bears the seed of a solution. It’s just a matter of time and sincerity of the quest that drives us closer to the solution.


To be the Leader in Tower Crane Distribution Industry by 2020