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Simple, Smart, Robust

Infinity provides Potain Tower Cranes that uplift the way you construct. These products find application across various sectors – Traditional Construction, Infrastructure (Dam building, Bridge building), Power Stations, Ship Building Yards and more.

Ready at your fingertips

These cranes are suitable for quick turnaround requiring frequent operations of transport, setting up, erection and dismantling. These are basic capacity cranes starting from 1.0 t (1.1 US t) to 7.98 t (8.8 US t) capacity. This includes Igo, HD, Igo M & HDM, Igo T, HDT, GTMR ranges.

This comprises of a wide spectrum of models as follows:

Igo – Compact, Intuitive, Wireless remote control, Silent & Efficient Electric Motors, Variable Frequency Motor Drives and overload Protection System, Various Transport options.

Igo M – Simple, Rapid, Transported ballasted, in a single trailer train, reducing time of operations of putting into service.

Igo T – Variable height lattice mast and jib with impressive load chart capacities.

HDT – Max capacity self-erecting crane with a telescoping mast and ten different jib configurations maximizing jobsite flexibility and investment potential.

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Simple, Smart, Robust

These cranes the best choice if you need a fantastic horizontal displacement of the trolley (MCT, MDT CITY, MDT, MD, MD MAXI ranges) or movement by raising the jib (MR Range).

This comprises of a wide spectrum of models as follows:

MCT Tower Cranes – Maximising productivity from your investment and very safe when in function, during erection, maintenance, dismantling or during transportation.

MDT City Tower Cranes – High Performance, Reduced Dimensions, Smaller overall height, Easier overflying of obstacles on site (cranes, electricity lines, cables,...), Jib configuration can be changed in the air during evolution of sites.

MDT Tower Cranes – Polyvalent, Efficient, Modular – Made to Measure technology, Mechanization based on LVF and LCC hoisting technologies. High performance, high precision with the K mast.

MD Tower Cranes – Maximum Efficiency in Minimum Space, Best Power, Uncompromising Safety, Superb Ergonomics, Jib radius up to 80 m, Intergrated system of mechanised and radio controled raising of jib and counter-jib tie bars, High productivity with LVF , LCC hoist winches, High precision due to the K mast technologies

MD Maxi Tower Cranes – Powerful, Intricate, Versatile, can be used for highly valued and challenging applications.

MR Tower Cranes – Works best for sites that require maximum vertical access (up to 130 m under hook) within minimal horizontal distance, installation over fixing angles, cross-shaped base, travelling chassis or as a climbing crane.

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Building City of Landmarks

Ideal for huge infrastructure projects like Dams, Bridges, Shipyards, Power Plants, High Rise Steel Buildings, Special Application Cranes are custom designed to meet the specific project needs. This is a turnkey solution mainly for large construction companies and international building project contractors. Some of the sites include one of the largest stay cable bridges in steel elements in China, The Sports City Tower in Doha and more.

To know more about the Potain Tower Cranes and its miracles, call or write to the Infinity Sales team NOW.

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